Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A new transition

Hi everyone! I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Where has the time gone?!

Over Thanksgiving I started working on the RBK Creations website. It is definitely in it's infancy but it is transforming into something bigger and better every day. (backgrounds will change, how things are arranged will change, pretty much everything will be different..)

The website features the blog as well as information about my store, a photo gallery, contact information and much more. For now, I plan on keeping this blog here as well, updating both. There will be a point however where I will only be using the website.

I do invite you all to head on over to the website and RSS feed it into your reader of choice. I think it will be exciting to see all of the changes RBK Creations will be going through in the next month, and I want to share that with all of you! I've got plans :)

So, as things change and build on the website, let me know your thoughts! I want to create something that everyone finds interesting yet easy to navigate. (And fun, of course).

For now, I will leave you with some pictures of orders in the works. We have been busy, the past month especially.

Just two flowers out of 157 hand embroidered flowers.

A great order of blues and greens!

What fun colors! A wrist corsage, which is one of a few.

Some of the centerpiece stems for another order. I think there were 120 of these. So girly and fun!

I promise to update more pictures soon. 3 of the 4 orders above have been shipped and done for awhile now. There are a bunch of other pieces that are in the works that I have not had time to take pictures of.

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