Monday, May 18, 2009

Remy and Roxanne at Dog Bowl!

So this past weekend I took Roxanne and Remington to the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, TX for Dog Bowl. They turned the Cotton Bowl into a big outdoor dog park for the afternoon. There were plastic pools filled with water, dogs running freely everywhere, vendors for all sorts of services and free balls, frisbees and treats!

My dogs aren't as social as I would like (which is why I thought it would be good to take them). They barked a lot but overall I think it was still a success. They made a few new friends along the way as well.

It was a huge area, but Milo, another schnauzer, kept finding Remy and wanting to play. I bet Milo came up to us 10 times the hour we were there.

We sat in the grass for a water break and an American Bulldog just came up and sat on my lap. It was hilarious. She didn't care who it was she just needed a lap to sit on.
There was also a band playing, Remy's favorite part. Every time we walked by, Remy would stop and just stare up at them. The keyboard player laughed as he looked up admiring
Here are a few pictures of Roxanne and Remy as well as some other dogs we met along the way.

It was warm out there! Lots of tongues hanging out!
There were just dogs strolling everywhere. In and out of the pools, meeting everyone, playing ball, it was crazy.
My favorite picture of the day. I was trying to take a picture of Roxanne but Remy thought he had to be in he creeped into the picture, priceless!More happy puppies! Roxanne is the grey one and Remy the brown.
Big Ole Great Dane. He came up to sniff Remy and Remy barked, scaring the poor dog away. Little Remy took on some BIG dogs!
Everyone was taking a picture of this guy! He was so warm, he claimed his own pool! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bridal Bouquets

I have loved custom bridal orders so much in the shop! I view them as a challenge (Which some have been a very big challenge). We recently decided to come up with a few pre-made bridal bouquets for the shop. The pictures below show some of the custom orders we have done and also some of these pre-made sets.