Sunday, March 29, 2009

All of the "Button Holes"

So the Sunflower Bouquet order is from someone in the UK. I just love some of the words they use differently. Button Holes are the same as boutonnières. I initially did four for their wedding. After seeing the finished product they wanted 10 more! I was so excited. The Sunflower Bridal order is officially finished! Now I am just waiting to do the photo shoot and the customer to pay the final payment. Then it is time to get them all packaged up and sent off!

2nd Custom Bridal Order! Pinks and Orange

When I listed the first reserved bridal order on Etsy, I received a great response! Since then I have picked up two more bridal orders. I recently finished the second order and thought I would share some pictures. I love the colors on this bouquet and the creative freedom the bride gave me. She was very trusting in the choices I made from her initial ideas.

The bride is getting married in a museum and was told she couldn't have real flowers. I hope my bouquet will fit into the museum atmosphere!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newest Employee

When things get busy, it is always nice to have a helping hand...or in this case, paw! The newest employee of RBK Creations is Remington!

This was so cute; I couldn't help but to take a bunch of pictures. This is my puppy, Remy (A Chocolate Miniature Schnauzer). He fell asleep while I was in the craft room working on a bouquet.

He is such a pro at cutting out flowers on the sizzix, he can do it in his sleep!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The "Buttonholes"

Alright! Here is the wedding order continued! These are the "buttonholes" (the order is going over to England! ha) Here I guess they would be called boutonnières.

Going from left to right: Groom, Best Man, Mother-of-the-bride, Father-of-the-bride. I felt the mother should get something a little special. I really like how that one turned out. And the best part...they LOVED them. (From the pictures anyway :)

Below is also a picture of the finished bouquets. She requested that the bride's bouquet be in gold ribbon also, so they all match. I am working on doing a photo shoot with some local artists. It will a great way to capture these flowers!!

New Additions

So, there were a few things in the craft room that I felt were needed. I had this random space by my desk so I bought some vinyl wall stickers and placed them there. I am loving the little purple flowers! It just adds a little color to the boring white walls (since we decided not to paint at this time.)

The next addition is for all the ribbon I have! There is so much of it. I wrap all bouquets in a colored cello wrap and tie it off with coordinating ribbon. I always find myself rummaging through a big plastic bin trying to find the right color. It still looks a bit messy (trying to figure out how to keep all of the ribbon under control. We'll see what I come up with) The ribbon on the pole isn't even a fraction of what I have. I just decided to pick 1. The ones I use the most and 2. Pretty ones that will at least look good hanging on the wall! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Custom Flowers for a great Etsy friend!

I made this bouquet recently for a fellow Etsy seller. She is redecorating her little girl's room and wanted some flowers! I can't wait to hear about her reaction to the flowers! She sells AMAZING dresses on Etsy, check it out here:

Here are a few pictures of the bouquet!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Custom Wedding Bouquets

So this order has come a long way from when I started on it in January. It went from being something very simple and somewhat boring to a stunning color combination and festive bouquet! I took some quick pictures (will be trying to get some professional ones taken soon) so I thought I would put one up here now.

The middle bouquet (with white ribbon) is the bride's bouquet. The one on the left is the flower girl's and the one on the right is the bridesmaid bouquet. There are some other pieces (for the groom, best man, mother of the bride and father of the bride that I am still working on).

More pictures will be posted soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Craft Room: Finished!

Here is the end result. It is great. There is a nice area for me to work (my computer is up on my work space now too) and my mom also has her own desk. The wire storage bin is organized and there are many fabric bins with things tucked away so it looks a lot less messy! It is fun to see the difference between the two work spaces :) Check out the pictures! There are still a few things misplaced when these pictures were taken but it is pretty close to being done in the pictures.

Craft Room: In the works

So...this really isn't the best representation of what it really looked like in here during the process. In reality, I was stuck in the room at one point (the worst point) and was unable to get my camera to take a picture.

Craft Room: BEFORE

So this weekend we decided to redo the craft room. To make it a more efficient work space was the original goal. We ended up with a great work space and something that is quite nice! It was a lot of work, a lot of hauling very heavy furniture, many bruises and cuts. As a whole though, it was a lot of fun and it looks great!

Here is what the craft room used to look like. It was more of a storage room than anything else. The only thing that was used in here for crafting was the sewing machine. Everything else that I worked on was hauled to other rooms and hauled back in. It was a pain!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Front Page Day!

My garland made it on the front page today! The treasury was made by the lovely waysideviolet! Check out her shop here:

I missed this one, I was either still sleeping or getting ready for the day. I had one sale from it and many hearts! What a day!