Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Craft Show Prep

This coming weekend, May 2, 2009, RBK Creations is particpating in a craft show. This will be the first sale we have ever done. It is very exciting and a lot of work has gone into the preparation.

We loaded everything into the kitchen for a few reasons. 1. How many items do we have for sale? 2. Will it fill out the table we will have at the show? and 3. It will be easier to put price tags on them and pack them up.

I took a snap shot of all the items because I thought it looked cool. It is in no order what so ever and it isn't even all of the merchandise we will be bringing...no wonder my fingers hurt! That is a lot of wire twisting.

Fun with Cupcakes!

Back in January, I had a customer contact me for a custom order. I was very excited to work on something different for a change. She wanted some paper button stems to decorate a cake for her daughter's birthday. The colors were bright pink and black, a punk rock theme.

I have decided to offer this as an option to everyone. I am working on a listing right now for my shop.

In preparation for this, I decided I needed some cool cupcake liners and some decorations. I searched Etsy for a couple hours and ended up picking two items from LayerCakeShop's store. I bought some tulip liners and some sugar buttons!

I made up a few different button stems, some with silk flowers and some with paper flowers. The cupcakes aren't anything special, it was just my attempt at decorating :)
Check them out! And make sure to check out the listing in my shop: http://reallybadkitty.etsy.com/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coffee Cozy by WaysideViolet

Last week I sent Waysideviolet some little felt flowers for a custom bridal order she was working on. This afternoon she sent me a few pictures and the final product looks great! The chocolate brown cozy and the little purple flower look great together. Check out the pictures below. Also, check out her shop for amazing coffee cozies!! A cozy just like this one will be posted in her shop soon! http://waysideviolet.etsy.com

Monday, April 13, 2009

Custom Bridesmaid Bouquet

Recently, I created a bridesmaid bouquet for a bride in the UK. I have had a lot of UK customers and they are always super nice and fun to work with.

She is having all different bouquets for her bridesmaids which I think is unique but at the same time could be really awesome. I didn't really have a chance to have these pictures up on Etsy. She ordered the bouquet/paid for it in a matter of about 10 minutes. So, here are the pictures for you all to see.

It is a 15 stemmed bouquet with silk flowers. The colors used are white, yellow, red and green. The base is wrapped in a pale yellow ribbon.

Buckets of Flowers

These buckets of flowers are super cute! I have made 8 of them now (sold 3). You can check them out even more on my Etsy shop: http://reallybadkitty.etsy.com/

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo Shoot

Amazing! I did a photo shoot on Tuesday evening (running until about 11pm) and I got the photos back Wednesday before 9pm. Havi you are amazing!

The overall setting for this photo shoot is somewhat 'dark'. The concept for the shoot was a party in a place you would least expect a party. We were playing on the thought that you wouldn't expect someone to have a button bouquet as their wedding flowers. I am also working on doing more of a traditional wedding shoot as well before the flowers get shipped to the UK.

I think it will be great to have a mix of some more traditional and some non-traditional shots! We did the shoot at a chop shop in downtown Dallas. The guys were great for letting us do this!

The photographer for the shoot was Havi Frost. She is truly amazing! What a trooper. She was sick and not feeling the best but look at these photos. Wow. It was so great to work with her. Check out her site! http://www.havi.us/

The makeup artist for the shoot was Dawn the Butcher. Another truly amazing lady. The girls were made up to look like dolls. Stunning! You can also check out her site. http://www.dawnthebutcherfx.com/

The three models were Alyssa, Kealey and Vianei. Great troopers as well. They were in these sleeveless dresses and freezing! Now for the photos. Let me know what you all think!