Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Background for Product Photos

A couple weeks ago I finally had a chance to make a new background for taking photos. I have been wanting to make it for the past two months but never had a chance. It still needs a little bit of 'editing' but I think it is working well so far.

I found a big piece of wood in my garage and I used some of the left over turf from my craft show display. I think the 'cloud' background needs some more variation in color and some more depth..maybe making something 3D on it. This weekend went by way too fast otherwise I would have worked on it a bit more.

It looks fine from far away but in the actual product photos it whites it out too much.

YAY For Astro Turf. I like that I can just take it off the table and shake off anything that gets on it. I end up having to edit out a lot less fuzzballs that make their way into the picture.

Here is a bouquet I took of picture of this weekend with the new background.

What are your thoughts on my background? Do you think it helps me stand out at all?


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

very nice!

Bridge said...

Wow! You made that yourself? Looks great!

Anonymous said...

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