Sunday, August 9, 2009

Entries on Martha Stewart Weddings

Hello all!

Martha Stewart and Etsy are currently sponsoring a DIY Wedding craft contest! The winning craft will be featured on "The Martha Stewart Show".

I have entered a few different bouquets and boutonnieres as I have created numerous designs over the past year. I would really appreciate your votes, views and comments!

Here are my entries:
1. Periwinkle and Daisy Button Bouquet (this is my favorite piece I have created)
2. Ivory Bride Button Bouquet (A piece that coordinated with Ivory and Lilac Bridesmaid Bouquets)
3. Boutonnieres and Corsages (Pieces from a mixed silk and button order)
4. Tracy and Paul's Wedding (Photos by Otto Schultze)

This would be an amazing opportunity and I really appreciate your support!

**To vote, you need to complete a short registration. Then under my photos there are stars to give a rating! Comments would also be great. Thank you so much!

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