Friday, March 20, 2009

New Additions

So, there were a few things in the craft room that I felt were needed. I had this random space by my desk so I bought some vinyl wall stickers and placed them there. I am loving the little purple flowers! It just adds a little color to the boring white walls (since we decided not to paint at this time.)

The next addition is for all the ribbon I have! There is so much of it. I wrap all bouquets in a colored cello wrap and tie it off with coordinating ribbon. I always find myself rummaging through a big plastic bin trying to find the right color. It still looks a bit messy (trying to figure out how to keep all of the ribbon under control. We'll see what I come up with) The ribbon on the pole isn't even a fraction of what I have. I just decided to pick 1. The ones I use the most and 2. Pretty ones that will at least look good hanging on the wall! :)

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